Hoop Dance Improvisation & Musicality Practice

Focusing on improvisation and musicality in my hoop dance practice and what better way than with a single mini hoop.

Exploring inner and outer states, discovering where movement arises. Allowing the music to take over your breath…..your movement……your emotions….what an extremely incredible experience.


Walk to the Light Hoop Dance Flow

A video of some raw flow when I was really feeling it before class at the Riverfront to Walk to the Light by STS9.

Love the feeling I get by letting go and allowing the hoop to  guide me through the music, especially when it is my favorite band. 😉

Flow Wand & Hoop Combo Tech

Best birthday present ever =  FLOW WAND. =D

Flow wand and hoop tech practice before teaching hoop fitness to some ODESZA! Falling in love with this combo more and more each time I play with them together!! Is easier to see and looks better in HD!

Wakarusa 2015 Slightly Stoopid Flow

Not amazing quality but one of the only hooping videos I got this year! Just a little flow session with a big hoop and two minis at Slightly Stoopid during their set at Wakarusa 2015 =D

Of Monsters And Men Hoop Dance

“Alone, I fight these animals.
Alone, until I get home.

A wolf, wolf and I,
We share the same cold meal.
I float on, float on down.
We ride, we ride, we ride
We ride it all out.”~OM&M

Hoop flow practice from last week to Of Monsters and Men! Dancing and exploring with roll variations, balancing, and some sustained spinning!!!

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Courtney Youphoriafy Hoop Manipulation & Tech Practice

Hoop manipulation tech and flow practice before class at the Riverfront! The rain was moving in but it felt amazing outside!

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New Sponsorship

11082643_1063182637031361_7538059850272382921_nThere are so many amazing things happening in our hoop community this year. Our community is growing and expanding in such an unbelievable way! Lots of exciting new workshops and classes planned for all you hoopers this summer!

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What classes or workshops would you like to see me offer this year?

Sustained Spinning Focused Hoop Dance Practice

“Once I wanted to be the greatest
No wind or waterfall could stall me
And then came the rush of the flood
The stars at night turned deep to dust”~CP
It was snowing a few days ago when I made this so I had to make due with the little space I had available (which was in the kitchen =D ). Playing with different sustained spinning combinations for some choreography that I am working on. Had to get a fun little jam in before going back to working on my lessons for this years classes and workshops with Isis Movement Arts.


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Song: The Greatest- Cat Power

Inspire and Be Inspired

Just a fun little trick I have been working on lately inspired by Ashley Pulido! Exploring the vast world of possibilities using one hoop on the foot and a second in your hands! Like and subscribe to my channel for more =D

First Practice of 2015

Wishing I had a huge empty hoop space but instead I shall upload a practice video from last week (in a small space) and as I wait for it to load I shall oogle over endless amounts of other hooper videos because what else does a hooper do when she is bored online! =D Can’t wait to share my fancy video that is in the works with you all instead of just practices 😉 Much Love!